Nouvelles skills aede 2.7

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Nouvelles skills aede 2.7 Empty Nouvelles skills aede 2.7

Message par Tetsuo le Jeu 25 Aoû - 16:02

Swiftwing I
Increase Knock Back, Knock Down, Stun Resist by 500, Silence and para resist by 50 of you and all group members for 30sec.
Target Self
Cast Time Cast Instantly
Cooldown 3m
Cost MP 300

Word of Revival IV
Instantly heals a target within 23m for 73, and then heals 73 HP every 2s and remove 1 abnormal physical conditions every 4sec for 38s.
Target Selected Target
Cooldown 5s
Cost MP 123

Numbing Blow I
Inflicts 602-606 damage to the target, bind and silence for 7s.
Target Selected Target
Cooldown 1.5min
Cost MP 152

Promise of Earth
For 30m, each time you attack there is a 10% chance of decreasing the enemy's attack speed and cast speed.
Cast Time Cast Instantly
Cooldown 10s
Cost MP 55

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